Now offering new Samsung web-ready CCTV cameras

Integrated Technology Partners is excited to announce that we are now offering Samsung web-ready CCTV cameras.

Web-ready cameras use your existing intranet infrastructure as the conduit for security and surveillance. Installing them is straightforward, because they contain their own miniature, dedicated servers. With Samsung web-ready cameras, the crucial role IT can play in a company’s security mission is vastly greater than before.

Samsung  is a leader in security monitoring and recording equipment, and their line of Webthru cameras dovetails into a robust, trouble-free system. Now operating at near-video speeds of 30 frames per second, high quality web-ready cameras take a snap shot of an intruder and e-mail it to you immediately.. A standard web browser interface lets management keep an eye on people, production, and plants anywhere in the world right from their desktop!


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